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Summer was hot and long, so we made the most of it with biking (Evil Uprising), stand up paddle boarding down rivers, lake time, and Jules Fuelling. 
Looove summer.
Time for a new ride! 

Kevin Walsh/Evil Bikes has set me up on a new toy...the best toy.
The Evil Uprising. 

An ultra bad-ass whip with geometry that makes any and all terrain extremely fun and smooth. 

I am so incredibly stoked to be riding, not only a really good looking, but a meticulously built bike of this caliber! It's possibly the best trail bike out there right now. The bike reviews this machine is getting in the mags are off the charts. The Uprising has a carbon fibre frame, unique geometry that makes this thing a cheetah, and of course, zombie-ized grips. 

When I hop on this ride, the uphills feel easier than ever, and the downhills feel smoother than ever. 

Ride on! 

Thanks to Kev.

Check them out: 
Evil Bikes website
Evil Bikes Facebook

I am so happy I achieved my goal of making it to my hometown Olympic Winter Games! 

After an awesome season of getting multiple podiums, I was seen as a medal contender for the 2010 games.  But, ever since my horribly timed first ever blown ACL, MCL, and tibial bone bruise one month prior to the biggest event of my LIFE, I have been living a different lifestyle than I expected just a month out from the games. Each of my days have been scheduled around 3 physio appointments, 2 gym sessions, icing, rehabbing, and rest when time permitted. I did go in for a scope to my meniscus to get the bucket-handle tear out of the way just 3 weeks before the big race. 

Actually- funny enough, on the date I was to carry the torch, I was on crutches from the scope. So, instead of skiing with it, I ended up snowmobiling with it, then hopping over to Crazy Canuck, Steve Podborski to light his torch. A great moment in Whistler! But, still I had to focus on getting healthy enough to walk, let alone race just 2.5 weeks later in front of a hometown crowd!

This feat did happen dispite many obstacles over the month. It really is amazing what your mind and body can do if passion is leading you. This was something that I had dreamed about since grade 5. It's not something that would slip away from me easily.... I have a feeling this lesson I learned will come up many more times in my life... Dream on!

Opening Ceremonies! What an experience. So energizing walking into the massiveness of the crowd cheering for the home team. This was a moment that I'll remember forever (sounds cliché, I know, but it's very true). 

Onto the race !

The first training day was a day to feel out the amazing course that Jeff Ihaksi built. There were so many great jumps and flowing roller sections. Training day two was spent taking a more aggressive approach and getting back into the flow of skiing like myself. It felt so good to be on a ski cross course again! I did have a few flat landings that jarred my knee and sent quite a bit of pain through my body. But it only lasted a few minutes, then I could get back at it. 

Every time I looked at the larger than life bleachers at the finish corral, I was inspired to keep positive and get to the start gate. 

The boys raced the day before us. To see the crowd at the boys race sent chills through my body. Everyone loved the show and many said they thought of ski cross being the most exciting sport in the Olympics. It was good to know what to expect for our race day. The atmosphere was exhilarating. 

It was sure hard to stay calm and collected at the Olympic Village with countless celebrations going on inside and outside of the village from both the athletes and the fans! Multiple visits with my surgeon were a requirement as well, making sure the knee was holding up. A couple of cortisone shots, and draining was needed, along with constant icing

One more training day to nail the technical start, then came the race day.

The first thing at Cypress Mountain I saw in the morning were amazing friends and family with signs cheering me on as I was getting hustled to the chair. It was an unexplainable, amazing feeling to see the support crew I had, no matter what happened! 

My qualifying run felt very smooth, but it wasn’t very fast. I had been top 4 in my last 5 races, so 14th place was a bit of a disappointment for me. But, I knew the start gate was pretty fair, so lane choice wasn’t what would determine the winners.

Standing at the start, of course, was drastically different in the Olympics than it had been in any other race. We could hear the crowd cheering for the Canadians all the way from the finish line, yet it was unusually quiet up in the start. It was eery. The adrenaline and energy pumping through my veins was difficult to retain.
Deep breaths and leg swings until they called my name. And, pain killers unfortunately... 

My first heat was going well. I got out of the gate in second place and stayed there. I had a painful landing though. Off of a big jump in the middle of the course I got kicked back and landed with my butt on my bindings! This is exactly what I was happy to have avoided all of those training days. You see, in physio, I still wasn’t able to bend my knee all the way, but this landing forced it to go there. Ouch! The adrenaline I had from the crowd and well, the fact that I was at the OLYMPICS kept me going and I finished the course using mostly my right leg, as my left one felt very noodley. No one passed me and I went on to the quarter finals.

The second heat was a battle to say the least. I had a horrible start that put me in third. I had to make a pass somewhere. I caught up to the two ahead of me and waited for the right time to make my move. I decided to go for it before a big double into a step-down feature. I got back onto my heals again and flew off of the double but managed to land the step-down. Fanny Smith, a great Swiss skier beside me was battling to stay on her feet as well. At one point I looked beside me and her skis were level with my head. I thought she was going down. She snuck back in front of me.  I then tried to absorb a double and lost all of my speed... I had no chance of moving on. 

It was heartbreaking seeing the two girls in my heat go up the chair for the next round as I stayed in the finish corral. I was happy for them, and I had to be happy with 12th place in the Olympics... Which, in hindsight, I am happy about 12th. It's no podium, but all odds were against me to even stand in the start gate that day. 
I am thankful for the support I had, and the grit I learned I was capable of.

And of course, Canada pulled through and my good friend and team mate Ashleigh McIvor won gold for all of us ! 

One week after the games, I went in for reconstruction surgery, then onto the road to recovery!

Fall is one of the best times of the year to hop on the bike and rip around on the huge variety of mountain bike trails in Whistler. Here's a peek into what I've been up to during the pre season. 

All filmed with the New GoPro Hero3+ - check out our October biking edit ! Thanks to Ryan Regehr and Davey Barr.
Here are some shots from riding on the mountain with Eric Berger behind the lens, and Richie Schley, Davey Barr, James McSkimming and I ripping around Whistler!
I want to take a moment to thank Suunto for the awesome new GPS watch for my active life. The Suunto Ambit 2 makes it almost too easy to track my workouts! I love seeing a map of where I just rode/ran/dirtbiked. If you're looking for a heart rate monitor yourself and you're in the Whistler area- head to Escape Route, Whistler Village Sports, or the Salomon Store to buy yourself one of these babies. Thanks again Suunto- see you guys on the trails. 

A journey from Vancouver to Whistler with a couple of Olympians. Not a bad way to spend a sunny day.  
Thanks to GoPro, Whistler Blackcomb, Avis, GMC, Ryan, Jordyn, and GLC for making this edit happen! Watch out for a winter version... 
Hi friends!

I have been working non-stop on my new cereal business. Branding, certifying, trademarking, meetings, designing, packaging, labelling, distribution, you name it. It's something I've become very passionate about.

I've created an Indiegogo campaign for anyone and everyone to give a dollar or two to help fund my way through starting a business. You will feel my immense gratitude through on going good karma, whether you decide to help fund, or just share share share the link as much as you like :) This is the link: 

Or just click the photo below ----->

Thank you!
 Every little bit will help me get closer to saying the words: 'go find Jules Fuel in a store near you...'

First off, if you'd like more frequent updates check out my Facebook page and Twitter

This year of skiing has been my first full season at home on my skis in a coon's age. It was a great transition season into the next chapters of my life after the Olympics. Thanks to Atomic, Oakley, Lazer Helmets, GoPro, DissentLabs and Sorel I've been able to continue to live my passion in the mountains by exploring my the mountains on skins. It was so nice to have time to adventure in my own backyard, and revive that love I have for freeskiing. 

OK. What else, here she goes... Less words, more photos!

Seattle trip for Jules Fuel cereal (name still under review) branding meetings with Mom, Brandon and Kevin. Awesome trip and met some cool people with creative minds! Keep checking in for updates on this, cuz once it starts going, it's going to go... 

Research/Discovery day

The WSSF Fashion Exposed (not your typical runway fashion show) was full of dancing down the stage to good tunes in the sunshine of Skier's Plaza alongside a bunch of cool girls in rockin' outfits from the stylin' sponsors to an energized outdoor crowd with Feet Banks/Mercedes Nicoll MC-ing. Always a fun, energized time.
Matt Murray, a photographer in town that does some marketing for Whistler Accommodation companies and events has snatched a few cool photos of the event. 
A stop by the RTOWN Tent
Ski Days!! The Ski With An Olympian program this year was a great experience- we see it expanding more each year and I'm excited to be involved. Good crashes, races, learning curves and lunching. Awesome clients each time! I'm looking forward to next year already.
I had an end of the year booking of 11 days with a 4,6 and 8 year old. Good way to end the season. 
George and James posing with my Dad and his awesome stretchies.
Also- had a great time with the Deloitte crew for a couple ski days with Karen Stemmle, Liisa Savijarvi, Davey and Ashleigh as fellow coaches. 
Hosting gigs! Had a fun day of driving around in this awesome BMW with Noel of NewPort and Dave from MillCreek Pictures for Newport Auto's new youtube vids. Stay tuned for the finished product.
Lots of RTOWN Communication hosting days this past month too. Here's a recent clip for the activities intro.
Mom and Daughter/Son Tractivity Fashion show for the Heart and Stroke Foundation - Kristen Robinson did a great job of putting this great event together. It was fun to do something like this with our Moms for a great cause with fellow athletes. 
Dick's Sporting Goods shoot is going on right now in the mountains of Whistler! I've been with the crew for a total of 4 days of skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and gondola riding for next year's catalogue and campaign. Good times!
And of course... once the snow melts, the bike gets put to work again! I've missed my mountain bike. We've been on a lot of rides already, getting the bike legs back and the adrenaline pumping. Thanks Lazer for the helmets! And thanks DissentLabs for the socks!  
So many things going on that my head is spinning just trying to update you all!  I think I've missed a bunch, but as I said at the beginning of the blog, I update my Facebook Fanpage and Twitter more than anything, so check those out!

Happy sunny days :)... I'm heading to Maui tomorrow!! Time for sun, surf, coconuts, volcano hiking, luaus and Mana foods (Jules Fuel research right?)